Surajkund Craft Fair

Surajkund Crafts Fair in Faridabad Haryana, India

Surajkund Craft Fair

Surajkund is situated in Faridabad district of Haryana, India. Surajkund craft fare is one most popular international fair famous around the world. This fair is also very well known as Surajkund Mela. Surajkund Mela is an annual craft fair that shows the finest handicrafts, handlooms, genuine fragrances and flavours of rich Indian cuisines. Surajkund crafts fair starts on 1st February of every year and ends on 15th February. More that 400 state and national awarded crafts persons from each and every part of India participates in the famous Surajkund fair. Surajkund craft fair also focus a theme state and celebrate the rhythms of folk which makes every visitor marvel.

The objectives of Surajkund Fair

  • To create a rural atmosphere for the overseas and home tourist to see.
  • To educate customers both from out of the country, city centers and educational institutes about the attractive technique and skills occupied in craft design.
  • To bring in crafts and crafts persons directly to the buyers and help to them come across their customers.
  • To recognize, nurture and safeguard languishing crafts of the nation and save it for posterity.
  • Suraj Kund is also an attractive tourist spot of Tourism of Haryana and in its lovely surroundings, metal workers, folk painters, stone and wood carvers, lace makers, tie dye crafts persons, embroiders, textiles printers, mats and loom weavers, producers of silk fabrics, jewelers and sculptors- execute and display their skills.

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